DMW Exile CP

The DMW Exile Control Panel is an online tool to manage Player\Bases and Vehicles for both Esseker and Malden. The Exile CP was once only available to VIP members but the Exile CP has now been released to all DMW Members!!! Simply click the below link to access the Exile CP

NOTE: You must be logged into the site via Steam, during the login you will see the option to login via Steam, if you have already created a site account then you can simply link your Steam account in the user profile page. Any issues page in the forums

From the Profile page you can see your basic player information from Exile

Ever woke in the middle of the night and thought crap….did I pay for my base or when is it due? Then worry no more with this feature it lets you login via the DMW Website so you can check each territory you have rights to. If you have enough money in the locker then you will get the option to make the payment online.

Ever rock up to a mission, dumped the vehicle in the trees, got owned by the AI and then forgot the tree you parked beside? Then this is for you!! This will list all the vehicles you have purchased in game and display some basic information but if you click the vehicle in question it will load a map and pin point the vehicle for you.

We all like to see stats and see who’s the best!!

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