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15/01/2018 10:25 pm  

Hi guys


This isn’t really the post I wanted to be making but the time has come to close the doors to Exile, we have been running the server now for well over a year, could be near 2 years but the love for arma has faded for all the admins. We loved the community that we have created hear and we hope you can still join us, we will be moving away from TS to discord so be sure to join the channel ( https://discord.gg/Rv28QNz )


Its a sad time for us as we have really enjoyed what we have created but the time has come to shut it down, the server will stay online till 6th Feb 2018, after that Exile and TS will be closed but remember to join discord ( https://discord.gg/Rv28QNz )


From Team DMW, we thank all the players who made DMW great


Team DMW

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