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Server idea’s and potential fixes. – Suggestions & Ideas – DMW Gaming Forum

Server idea's and potential fixes.  


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20/12/2017 10:04 pm  
  1. Trader weapons / ammonition.

    1. Add the rockets for the RPG-42 Rocket launcher. RPG32_F  -  RPG32_HE_F
    2. Change the prices of all weapons and ammo to balance the impact of bought weapons on the server. Also set prices different of what tier the items are :

      White = tier 1

green = tier 2

blue = tier 3

pink = tier 4

  1. Improving the missions
    1. Ai shooting is fine , I know they insta shoot etc. but that’s only when they have seen you for at least 2 seconds and you are making a lot of noise etc.. staying regular stealth like crouching and going prone does a lot!
    2. Mission levels, I know there are missions levels going from noob to hardcore. But they seem to be misconfigured or misplaced.

      when you go to a lvl 1 noob mission there should be 3 / 6 ai walking around with bare snipers – SMG – LMG ,  sometimes I notice that a lvl 1 mission has 8 ai with Titan rocket launchers and other normal RPG’s  and a level 3 mission with just 4 ai and super heavy snipers and heavy machine guns. Might be worth checking the mission files. (  I know there is being worked on)

    3. New types of missions, it would be nice to see new missions with armored vehicles.
  2. Hunter MRAP varlants 50 % change of spawning at the mission
    - MRAP       
    - Unarmed variant can transport up to 3 passengers

- Armed variants can only transport 2 passengers

  1. Strider MRAP varlants 35 % change of spawning at the mission
    - LARV / MRAP        
    - Amphibious

- Commander can utilise an observation periscope

- Unarmed variant can transport up to 2 passengers

- Armed variants can only transport a single passenger

  1. MSE-3 Marid wheeled APC 15 % change of spawning at the mission
    -  Armoured Personnel Carrier         
    - Amphibious

- Can transport up to 8 passengers



  1. base building

    1. Extented base mods , it would be nice to know all the information about the buyable items , since who is going to spend 500 000 on a concrete bunker when it might just be a big cinder building where u cant do any thing with.
      it would also be great to know the storage capacity of the containers and shelving’s etc. that you can buy

      Huge Container: 20.000
      Metalshelf doublesided: 5.000
      Icebox: 1.500
      Shelf 1: 4.000
      Shelf: 3.000
      Land Container Green: 15.000
      Hangar: 40.000
      Ammobox: 7.000
      Tentdome: 1.000
      Land Container Sand Small: 13.500
      Cargo container Small: 6500
      Garbage Container: 8500
      Metalshed 4 Layers: 5500
      Suitcase: 1250
      Ammo Box: 750
      standard safe: 3000

    2. Flag placement, some people still like to place their flags in indestructible objects / props . its just ruins the way base raiding is intended, you can buy a flag back for a margin of the buy price.
  2. Extra scripts / mods

Eject script , it would be nice to have a script that trows your body out of a burned / exploded vehicle.  This is so players can actualy get there gear back and go on like it used to be.

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21/12/2017 9:03 pm  

Hey dude

Thanks for the comments

I'll be honest and say the server hasn't been updated in awhile and could do with an update, with Christmas just around the corner I should have time to look at a few things

Dallas is the money man and sets the pricing (most are just defaults but can be changed) i'll see if he would like to update the pricing but i'll have a look over Christmas and see if I can add some new stuff

I did read that a new version of Exile will be coming soon 1.0.4 - http://www.exilemod.com/topic/25026-104-pineapple/



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