Server Rules


Before playing on any DMW Arma Server please read the rules and make sure you are clear, we ask all players to have fun and to follow the below rules!


RULE No.1: ‘Don’t be a dick’. Enjoy the game, be friendly and if you can’t be friendly, shoot em in the face and enjoy the pvp.

English only in side chat please.

Trade zones are for trading and quiet reflection on the bad things you have done. No killing, ramming or stealing in these areas. We prefer for players to respect others in these zones. Vehicle stealing is bad form don’t be a twat, record while in the trader and show one of the admins if any of the above happens. If caught then you will be banned…..

No base kamikazes!

Vehicles left in Traders before a restart will be unlocked after the reboot! Unlocked vehicles are fair game. Lock your vehicles outside of the trade zones

Territory Protection is due every 7 days! If you don’t pay your territory rent at the trader then your base will de-spawn. You can check the XM8 for the date/time that this will happen and action accordingly.

No base building inside buildings. Will result in your base being removed.

No base building on loot spawns (This is for any building on the map). May result in your base being removed.

No base building on roads. You can build over them as long as there is room to drive underneath. Bases blocking roads may be removed. (Same applies for rivers)

No base building within 1000m of trade zones. Your base may be removed.

No base building within 1500m of Spawn points. Your base may be removed.

No base building within 500m of high loot areas (as in more than 2-3 buildings) Your base may be removed.

You will not exploit, duplicate, abuse, glitch, hack any mechanism on the server.

No glitching into any bases or other buildings.

Any base names with racist, bigoted or offensive language will be removed along with the base.

Any racism, bigoted or offensive language in chat will earn a kick and ban. Swearing normally is not considered offensive.

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